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“Descendants, enthusiasts, residents, it is up to all of us, by uniting our efforts, to defend the continuity of Gustave Eiffel’s rare and masterly work. We are all Eiffel’s heirs!

In response to frequent requests, and in order to strengthen its action, the Extraordinary General Assembly of 6 September 2013 created a new status of Sympathetic Member, open to the public wishing to support the ADGE and its efforts to defend the memory and works of Gustave Eiffel.

Sympathetic Members are informed of our actions and invited to take part in them, and are also invited to the meeting days organised by ADGE. They do not have voting rights at General Meetings.

The annual fee for Sympathising Members has been set at 25 euros per year, which is used entirely to finance ADGE’s actions in the field and to continue our work of referencing Gustave Eiffel’s works still in existence (ADGE is a non-profit association).

Do not hesitate to join us, and/or to support us with your donations, by filling in the form below: